Monday, June 19, 2017

An Old Friend, A Time Zone and a Water Slide

On our trip from Glacier to Moses Lake, we passed through Spokane, Washington.  An old scout friend of Dan's  lives in the area so we celebrated Father's Day with Lance and family by meeting them for lunch at "Twigs" in the Spokane Valley Mall.  We miscalculated our arrival due to the time change at the Idaho border, so we got there an hour early.  No worries, as we walked around the mall and went to shops.  It is a decent sized mall with animals you could rent to ride on through the mall and a mall train you could take through the upper level.  We all got $1 massage sitting 4 chairs in a row.  It felt pretty good after the long ride.  We caught up with Lance and Ginger sharing stories of our adventures and seeing how big our kids had grown.  We hadn't been together since we lived on East Brubaker Valley Road in the early '90s (pre-kids).

We arrived at the Moses Lake area and are staying at the Suncrest RV Park.  It is nice and has two waterslides, a large shallow pool and laundry facilities (we did 5 loads).  Dan and Carolyn both went down the waterslide while Mitch worked on Calculus and Caris took a nap.  She wasn't feeling too great when we got here.  At 5AM, Mitch took a call from U of D about fall classes since he'll have to do the late orientation due to the trip.  It is a shorter trip to Seattle (190 miles), so we'll head out about 10:00.  We are on Pacific time, so that is 4 hours later than EST.

We didn't get a lot of pix, but here's what we have.  We added a couple Mitch took that were  from Glacier East.
Idaho ama the infamous time change.

Lake below Kalispell

Bear Grass and a bear in Glacier.

Cool panoramic

Lake St Mary in glacier

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