Friday, July 14, 2017

Ohio and Home

We stayed east of Dayton, Ohio at Tomorrow's Stars RV camp.  It was one of the nicest sites we had the whole trip.  It was wide with a big oak tree, had a campfire ring and a nice big pool.  We had a campfire and cooked hot dogs and s'mores.  Dan and Mitch wanted to go swimming, but since they had three inches of rain the day before, the pool was really cold.  We awoke to thunder and lightening storms.  After unhooking and getting into the truck, we headed down the road in the rain.  It was exciting to be going home and crossing into Pennsylvania felt good.  We were happy to pull in the camper in the yard and see the pups.  Aside from some dog hair, the dogs were glad to see us.  Carl kept the dogs and guinea pig alive and well.    

We had a great trip and were blessed to see so many of the things our country has to offer.  The USA has such a diverse landscape and history and as we found out, it's huge.  We logged over 7500 miles driven in 33 days - this doesn't include our trip into Alaska.  We are glad we blogged to keep track of them all and to share with anyone who reads this.  

Thank you to all of the comments and interest.  We hope you get a chance to get out for an adventure too.

Getting closer...

A great time around the fire.

One more state to go...
Glad to be back.

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  1. I enjoyed your family trip. Loved the adventure and pictures. WELCOME HOME!